Hello and welcome back!

It has been awhile since our last post! But good news – we’re officially settled into our new home, and we are running at top speed! The teachers have adjusted very well into their new offices, our movers are still moving pianos and organs across the country, the online store and appointment set-up is a huge success, and Boss Man is still under the impression he is semi-retired (but I think we’ll just let him keep thinking that).

Boss Man is still under the impression he is semi-retired . . .

Since the new Studios and Online Store have had a complete upgrade, we thought the blog should too! Now, every time you read a blog post you will get three bits of information:

  • What’s happening at the Studios
  • What’s coming to the Studios, and …
  • MONEY BACK FOR YOU!!! (in some promotional form!)

How does that sound?! Money in your pocket! Oh yeeeaaah baby!

Every new blog will bring news, updates and MONEY back to you!

It is important to note each promotional will last only until the next blog post comes out, and there will be a secret code you have to present either on the phone or to the front desk attendant… and you can bet the code is going to be something ridiculous (but don’t worry, they’ll laugh when you say it too)!! It needs to be unbreakable by the code gurus after all! Sound simple and secretive enough? Only those who read the blog posts will get in on it! And don’t you go thinking you can sweet talk our teachers and staff into getting it for you! You will just have to suffer through the pain of reading these posts every week… #sorrynotsorry. So are you ready for your first one?

10% Off Instrument Accessories AND Books — CODE: RIDDIKULUS! (note: must be said with gusto). — But because this is such an awesome code (and because it’s the first one), I’m giving you the chance to add 5% more to that.. that’s right – 15% off! The catch? You must identify where it came from, and what the meaning is… (But don’t talk with anyone wearing green and white, they cheat… They are named after snakes for a reason. I should not have said that, I should NOT have said that.) Anyone? Anyone?

…At least everyone should know my fandoms by the time my time is done here…. (have I given enough hints? As if you should need them!)

Well, moving on…

What’s Happening Now: The theater is coming along swimmingly! All the walls that needed tearing down are gone, and new walls are being put up as I type! The beautiful masterpiece should be completed within the month!

What’s Coming: The Executive Assistant (that’s me!) and Boss Man are working with the teachers on getting the final draft of SUMMER PROGRAMS ready!! Who can believe it’s that time of year already?! Time to get ready for summer?! PSHAW It can’t be! Nevertheless, what we’re concocting over here is going to be awesome! Mark. My. Words. Keep checking in for hints on the Summer Line-Up — as always, there will be something for every one, at every age!

Thanks for stopping in!