So last time we talked, we had just had a new burst of Spring – it was lovely! It was gay! It was pure sunshine on your face! … but then… but then South Dakota pulled out her usual Spring Hand and took it away as quickly as she had brought it. Two more snow days later, we finally have had snow-free weather – that lasted longer than a week! Temperatures have been climbing – almost reaching 90 degrees – grass is greening up, trees are leafing out, and things are looking more and more like summer!

Speaking of Summer…

Summer is going be BIZZZZZY around here! I know I’ve eluded to that many times, but now that our Summer Program 2018 Launch is out (which officially happened at the YFS Kid’s Fair two weekends ago) I can really showcase the programs! To put it simply, there is something for everyone at every age… from the littlest peanut to the adult who had always wanted to learn a musical instrument, we have it for you! Our teachers are all geared up and are so excited for the Summer Session!

Here is short listing of what we will be offering this Summer 2018:

Please note:

  • All classes will begin the week of June 4, 2018, and will end the week of July 30, 2018
  • All classes (and group classes) are $100 for the WHOLE SUMMER
  • THERE IS A NEW STUDENT SPECIAL (for private lessons) *gasp*
  • The ‘New Student Special’ is $89 for the WHOLE SUMMER

It is important to note this short briefing of dates and times is set – unless we are talking about private lessons. Private lesson teacher’s are pretty flexible so they can accommodate almost anything you may need! However, since all of the classes listed above will be in our BRAND SPANK’N NEW THEATER, they cannot be moved about – – – that was A LOT to coordinate!!

IF this wasn’t enough of a overview on these class listings (which it wasn’t!) and if you still have more questions (of course you do!), please visit the Studios of the Arts website for more information:

Now let’s talk about signing up – because I know you are just giddy with excitement over (at least) one of these amazing classes!
There are three ways you can sign up:

  • Call 605.342.5000, ex. 1 and give ME all the juicy details
  • Come in and talk with our Lynda (I’ll tell you about her in a second), or
  • Go to:

I can’t wait to hear what you are signing up for!!

Now as promised, here’s the scoop on the lady you’ve been seeing behind the front desk:

As some of you may know, we have a new Batchelder family member! Lynda started working the front desk (awhile ago now!) and has been so wonderful, she just keeps taking on more and more duties! Her role suddenly went from Front Desk Receptionist to Executive Assistant and let me tell you – – she has been AH-MAZE-ING!!! She has learned the ropes quickly, and is very pleasant to work with!! She can answer almost any question you throw at her, and when she doesn’t know the answer – she finds out! – just so you can get the info you need to get you on your merry way! Now, if that doesn’t sound like a dream person for a front desk/assistant -ship, then I don’t know what is!! Which is why I think we need to make her the spotlight for this posts MONEY BACK! Come in, tell Lynda that you know her name (and even spell it correctly) and you will get 10% off of any book/sheet music you buy or special order. Oh, and in case you aren’t quite sure who she is…..