Just picture it: The early morning sunrise coming over the top of the steering wheel.. Seeing parts of the country you never thought you would be able to see.. The trees! The snowcapped mountains! ..Exploring.. Living life on the road.. Just you and the road… *sigh* A dream.

…Well for some of us it is, but for others, like Boss-Man Matt Batchelder, it’s a reality.

Part of owning a music store means you must deliver items (such as massive grand pianos) wherever they need to go – even if it is clear across the United States. Last week, Matt made a titanic of a trip from South Dakota to Arizona and California. Over the span of six days, Matt had the opportunity to explore our beautiful nation, and have his own adventures along the way.

So if you’re anything like me, you’re probably calculating the miles Boss-Man put on in this trip. Then you’re probably thinking, “Well, I love scenery, too.. but that’s a massive trip!” Then you’re probably wondering what he did for entertainment – because let’s face it, when you’re driving and can’t enjoy all of the scenery, you get tired of looking at the road. It’s just fact. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got your answers. Boss-Man loves his coffee (seriously. Like he stops to get more before he finishes the previous one), and he loves him some salt and vinegar chips (OH YEAH!). As you can imagine, there are a great many bathroom stops (one word: coffee), and what is a road trip without tunes?? Boss-Man has a splendid Spotify account that he jams out to on the open road… but just for the record, you didn’t hear that from me… especially the singing along and dancing parts – not.from.me. …

I had hoped Matt would take some pictures for us so we can all take a visual sight seeing trip along with him. And let me tell you, Boss-Man did not disappoint! Even if you have already had the opportunity to travel to these areas of the United States, these pictures are a treat!

Check out Arizona:



Oh, but wait until you see California! Heeellllllooooo palm tree paradise!!




Okay, so while in San Diego, Boss-Man met up with Boss-Wife and they had the opportunity to go on a Dinner Cruise! You guys, I have never been on anything like this, in fact my only comparison is the one I saw on the episode of NCIS where Coast Guard Girl-Gibbs is on board during the murder… anyway, Boss-Man highly recommends the experience if you ever have the opportunity! The following pictures were taken on board the Dinner Cruise – – among them you will see a private yacht (uh, wow..), some of our Country’s Fleet, and the San Diego shoreline…



So… who wants to go with Boss-Man Matt next time??