Should I rent?

Rent the Instrument that is right for you and your Family

We have designed our rental programs around you, our customers.  We have listened carefully to those that rent instruments and have specifically designed our rental programs around your needs.   This year the best rental program in the business just got better!!  Our program has always been a rent with store credit as opposed to a rent to own.    That allows you to rent an instrument and receive a store credit of 100% of your monthly rental payments.  You can uses your credit any time you like on the instrument you are renting or any other instrument in the store.  It is your credit to use on the instrument you choose!

Our rental program is a great way to get your budding musician into a superior instrument without having to spend a lot of money.  You are welcome to rent any band or orchestra instrument you choose in either the Good, Better or Best programs.  You can also switch instruments whenever you like.  It is that simple!  You are in control.


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Reasons to Rent with Credit vs Rent to Own

  • Rent a new or used instrument with no long term commitments.
  • Enjoy free regular adjustments to keep your instrument in top playing condition
  • Big discounts on repairs if needed.
  • Change instruments any time if needed, without loosing any equity.
  • Receive  100% of your payments back toward the purchase of a new instrument at any time.


Should I Rent or should I buy?

Many families today will run out and purchase a new or used musical instrument from a friend or a local department store instead of renting under the assumption that it will save money in the long run. But consider what happens to the instrument if three or four months into it your child loses interest? Returning an instrument for a refund after that period of time is not usually an option. There are times to rent band instruments and there are times to buy band instruments. This article will explain the reasons for both.

Most reputable music stores have a no risk rental plan that will allow you to try a musical instrument for three or more months with the option of switching instruments with no penalty if your child suddenly decides that the trombone is more fun than the saxophone. Many band instrument rental plans also include repair insurance. If the instrument breaks or needs adjustment while within the rental period the store will do the repair for free. This is especially important for the woodwind instruments where young, eager band students may accidentally bend keys or damage the mechanisms while assembling the instrument each day.

There are two cases in which purchasing an instrument is better than renting. First, if you have the opportunity to get an incredible deal on an instrument then you should consider it carefully before buying. Not all instruments are created alike. If the price seems to good to be true check with your local band director or music store to get their opinion before buying it.

The second case for buying and instrument comes after the rental period has gone on for a while and you are certain that your child is going to stick with it. Again, reputable music stores will often allow you to buy out the instrument and give you credit for the rental fees you have already paid into it. If you are certain that your child will play the instrument throughout the rest of his or her schooling you may wish to instead consider purchasing an intermediate model or step-up horn instead of simply buying out the remainder of the rental contract on the beginner horn. Intermediate model instruments cost more but are far better quality and worth it for those that see themselves continuing as a long term musician.

Buying a band instrument is an important decision that can dramatically affect the chances your child has for success. Think carefully and do your research before entering into any transaction and always consider the alternatives.