Spring has sprung (for now) and it is a beautiful sight! Don’t get me wrong, personally I love the snow, but after a long cold spell there is nothing quite like the sun shining, birds singing, and the smell of spring in the air! With the celebration of Easter just around the corner, our spring weather couldn’t be more welcome! Get out there and enjoy the lovely sun and high temperatures – you deserve it!

Yeah, I totally just went outside and took that picture for you so I could be outside… (Jack Sparrow, much?) Just look at that sky! Smell that air! Hear those birds!

So what does ‘spring’ mean around the Studios? Well, first of all it means we had better have our ducks in a row – because we start advertising for SUMMER! That’s right! Our ‘What’s Coming to the Studios’ this week is: Summer Programs!! We are adding programs like crazy for our summer teachers – boy are they in for a full schedule of FUN! The official announcement will come in just a few short weeks, but have no fear! You won’t be disappointed, because as always, there is something for everyone at every age!

… Not enough? Did I leave you wanting more … just a few hints perhaps? Okay fine. You twisted my arm! (…Rude.)

Because of the great success of the Summer Band and Orchestra last year, we just had to bring them back! ..But we’ve added a few twists! (See, I’m not divulging everything!) We will also be bringing back our classes for the Little Humans! And Jim Bingham, our guitar extraordinaire, will be offering a variety of group classes sure to please everyone!    …Okay, I’ve said too much. You’ll just have to wait.

For our ‘What’s Happening at the Studios’ portion of the post I bring you: The Studios very own WEBSITE!! That’s right! It’s getting the final touches as we speak, but it will be all Studios related! Complete with the usual Meet the Teachers, Lesson Information, and Parent’s Corner this will answer all of your questions! (It even has a Frequently Asked Questions portion!) Speaking of which… if you would like to give a quote about the Studios to have featured on our new website, please email it to me at: Mallory@pianoandorgan.com. Check out the sneak peak of our brand new Homepage!

Thanks to TotalKayoss Web & Graphic Design for all your hard work on this (and for putting up with my endless questions)! Guys, this gal is really awesome to work with! AND she even knows how to make computer speak make sense!! She’s helped me to understand a great many things about how our website works – – and that says A LOT! Kudos TotalKayoss! You rock!

For those of you who missed the BRAND NEW newsletter, check it out! It features articles directly from our Studio, but also brings in thoughts about our music education world! You won’t want to miss this monthly newsletter!

NoteWorthy March 2018

What did you think? Pretty swanky, right?!

I know..I know.. (*sigh*) I know what you’re waiting for – the PROMOTIONAL CODE for this week! Ha! Thought I’d forgot didn’t you!! Alright, for your money back code, which will get you 10% off your lessons for the month of April (*gasp!*) please tell the front desk assistant who our awesome web designer is! And remember, this is good until the next blog post is published!! (But can only be used once!)