Who can believe it is 2018 already? Where did 2017 go? If you are anything like me, you sit and ponder this question every year like its an annual new year tradition; and I always come up with the same answer – “I. Have. No. Idea.” Looking back now it seems the year flew by in the blink of an eye. I know there were days which seemed to drag on forever, but hindsight always has a different outlook does it not? Good days, bad days, mediocre days… they are days we are alive, and days we should celebrate with the people we love. After all, who knows how many more New Year Contemplations we will get? I don’t know what your New Years Resolutions are, but mine, it goes a lot like this:
Celebrate the good things in life – celebrate getting through the bad things – celebrate life like the Trolls and Queen Poppy.
(If you don’t get that reference, then consider yourself a student and watch ‘Trolls’. . .)

Here at the Headquarters of Batchelder’s, we had a lot to celebrate this New Year! The Grand Opening of our new location at 2821 Plant Street!! Let me tell you – the past two months have been rather difficult on Boss Man, Boss Brother, Boss Sister, Boss Mom and the rest of the team – night and day they worked to prepare our new home. Nights where sleep was only a pleasant memory, and days where the arms and backs hurt so badly because of all the tearing apart, building, carpeting, and painting.

But whoo-ee, let me tell you – all of that blood, sweat and tears paid off! Our new home is a dream come true! (Like you really expected anything different, right?)

Our new home features some amazing aspects our old location couldn’t offer:

We are all on one floor – no more stairs or elevators to contend with!
No more buzzing in after hours! (If we’re teaching – the door is unlocked!)
Studio rooms are right in front!

And some good things we just can’t change:

We still sell all instrument books and accessories ALL THE TIME!
Instruments are still out for you to look at and play
…the big difference – you want to purchase or look at more – that means you get a one-on-one meeting with Boss Man.
Payments can still be made at the Front Desk (from 2-6 PM – otherwise, visit with me or Kass about other options).

Sounds amazing, right?

Before the big unveiling… I think I need to give you the full perspective of what these guys did over the last two months. Bring on the Before Pictures!

And now… let me present to you for your viewing pleasure…..!








Now take a look at the process!!

What a process, right?! I’m sure Boss-Clan could give you a few more details about what it was like to take on such a huge project with only a 60-day time frame!! …But we’ll save that for another day!!

Without further ado, let me present: Our New Home!

Now the renovation is not 100% complete – the Recording Studio/Large Ensemble Practice Room needs to be finished, as does our huge Theater, but hey, for only two months work – – Schnazzy!