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Why is Keys of Mind Different From Other Creative

 And Performing Arts Programs?

For a variety of reasons, Keys of Mind is not your ordinary arts program.

It stems from the mind of Becky Atchley, a seasoned Industry performance coach who also has an extensive background in ECE education and Psychology.

It is the very core of the program that we all have a voice just waiting to be heard.

For many of us, this voice may seem quite small to us at times.

Careful dedication and attention to detail has been made to ensure that every class, lesson or private coaching session aids that artist in finding a new and stronger sense of self.

For may of these reasons, it is why Keys of Mind continues to partner with local organizations dedicated to Suicide Prevention and Awareness, Positive Mental Health Support and Community Rehabilitation programs for new beginnings.

With a strong back bone in classical methods, but one foot always in the door way of modern day trends in the arts, all students will be transported through out hundreds of years of masterpieces and methodology to be reminded that no matter how big or odd our dream may be, we CAN make it happen.

Keys of Mind is a program that comes with a sense of Humor, a realistic desire to treat all students big or small, as intellectual and emotional equals… and to treat all those involved as the unique artist and human being that they are.

This program has been a major advocate in Anti-Bullying campaigns, and promotes a sense of community within and outside of it’s framework.

Keys of Mind will always continue to work for each community that is kind enough to take it in.  Through community action, groundbreaking events to better shape local arts and combining big industry with rural based artists…it truly works for its artists.

The program hosts a wide variety of fundamental classes, but will also be designing new and creative takes on old methods, and delivering its message through not only teaching- but networking, managing, promoting…essentially preparing every artist for their creative path in a fruitful way.

Various members of the arts in platforms from local-regional, national and big industry will make appearances in person or via Skype for additional opportunities to learn, network and grow.

We thank you for taking the time to consider our program.

Becky Atchley personally assures that every class is set up to meet standards of ethics and professionalism only at the highest level. But, most importantly, EVERY Keys of Mind class will take even the most timid of adventures and help navigate them to a new creative home.

Becky Atchley

“Let Yourself Be Hears”